Roller skating

Cookery Club



Media Club

After-school activities such as Roller Skating, Tae Kwon Do, Coding, Dance club, Cookery club, Craft club, Media club, etc. give students a break from the academic subjects after school.

Students of IISB are involved in various activities beginning at 1:40 pm till 2:40 p.m. These activities are chosen by the students at the beginning of each term and have the option of changing, if they so desire, in the next term. They can choose as many activities as they wish to depending on their time availability. The various activities are :

Roller Skating: Roller skating started with the seniors, but seeing the curiosity and enthusiasm of the junior classes, it is now open for Kindergarten students also.  So all afternoons, you can see the students sliding and rolling confidently on those wheels.

Dance Club: Dance movement combinations increase memory, order and sequencing skills. Students of Primary and Senior classes do dance classes on different days, they learn various forms of dances in each month such as free-style, hip-hop, classical, etc.

Cookery Club: Students love to pepare food and share among themselves. Cookery is a part of nutrition education that can aid children in acceptance of responsibility. Each child has a task to complete to contribute the meal preparation and clean up. Students of Grade 5 to 10 participate in this activity.

Sports Club: Students of Primary and Senior classes play Table tennis. It is the  one of the most favourite activity of our students, it  also plays a vital role to improve their physical health and make them stress free.

Craft Club: Although  Craft is a part of the curriculum, some children with an artistic bend never seem to have enough. The After school Craft Activity provided them with an opportunity to improve their creativity. They do paper crafts, collage making, stitching, beading, etc.

Media Club: Public Speaking is an effort to make our children be able to speak more confidently on stage and be able to freely express their thoughts in front of audience by using correct expression, modulation of voice and body language.

Coding: Coding offers numerous benefits to kids, as it goes beyond just learning a programming language. By introducing coding to kids, we equip them with valuable skills and empower them to become active creators and problem solvers in an increasingly digital world.