After-school activities such as Roller Skating, Tae Kwon Do, Dance, Cooking, Beading, Art & Craft etc. give students a break from the academic subjects after school.

 Playground: All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. IISB has plenty of space for kids to express themselves physically and burn off excess calories. Teachers and assistants remain standby each day during break time to ensure safety of students while playing.

Sports and Aerobics facilities: Education is an all round development of an individual. IISB provides a wide range of facilities in games and sports. Also, our relationship with the outside community gives us access to swimming facilities at Hotel Du Lac and track and field events at Stade Réné Plévan. All students practice this on a regular basis in the form of aerobics, races, jumps, football and basketball.

Music Classes: Music classes are taken from Playgroup to Grade 5. It is especially popular amongst the younger kids who are taught number of nursery rhymes. Senior students also enjoy the various melodies taught by their music teacher and the high and the low notes. Recently introduced, flute classes are also taken.

After School Activities

Students of IISB are involved in various activities beginning at 1:40 pm till 2:40 p.m. These activities are chosen by the students at the beginning of each term and have the option of changing, if they so desire, in the next term. They can choose as many activities as they wish to depending on their time availability. The various activities are :

Roller Skating

Roller skating started with the seniors, but seeing the curiosity and enthusiasm of the junior classes, it is now open for LKG students also.  So all afternoons, you can see the students sliding and rolling confidently on those wheels.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Activity is an effort to make our children be able to speak more confidently on stage and be able to freely express their thoughts in front of an audience.


Girls love to make and wear jewellery. That’s exactly what they do in the Beading club. Beads and stones of all colours – stringed into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and the girls are happy!!

Drawing and Craft

Although Drawing and Craft is a part of the curriculum, some children with an artistic bend never seem to have enough. The After school Drawing & Craft Activity provided them with an opportunity to learn more and more.

Foreign Languages


French language is taught at school from Upper Kindergarten onwards upto grade 10. In younger classes, basic knowledge of the language is given on how to introduce oneself, talk about oneself, family and school and common words like name of colours, things around, clothing.  Grammar begins in Grade 4.

While Indian students learn their national language in all its aspects, the non-Indians students of the school learn Spanish from Grade 1 onwards.  The initial classes are of basic words of our everyday life and further, students learn how to read and write on their own, understand a text or a long story. Spanish students are rich in words and enjoy making their own sentences as well as reciting poems.