Rules for Students:

Punctuality is an important aspect of education. The students are expected to arrive by 7:45am. The school assembly starts at 7:50am.

Every student must be habitually clean and must be neatly dressed. Girls may wear a single pair of small earrings. No danglers please. Bangles/ bracelets are not to be worn to school. Henna can be applied on the hands on special festive occasions only. Nails must be short, clean and unvarnished. Hair must be clean, neat and off the face. Hair must be natural (no highlights) The forehead should be clear of fringes. If hair touches the collar it must be tied back or cut short. Long hair (below the shoulders) must be tied into two braids for girls. Only black bands or scrunches are allowed.

The following habits are most undesirable: Use of abusive language Rowdyism and rude behavior in the school or in the bus. Hitting, pinching, biting and scratching others especially those who are smaller in age/size. Throwing anything at others and such other unmannerly conduct. Chewing gum during school hours. Being absent from assembly, lessons, sport or activities without permission, Cheating, Dishonesty, Stealing, Insolence or disobedience.

Valuable articles like expensive watches, costly fountain pens, jewellery, expensive audio-visual equipment, mobile phones and large sums of money should not be brought to the school. If they are lost, the school does not hold itself responsible. However, students of Grade VI and above are permitted to wear watches.